Arcade flight simulation

New video showing a bit more of a gameplay in a better quality.

Next stop adding enemy.


For those who remember :slight_smile:

(F-19 for MS-DOS, 1988)


There is a cool retro game project similar to that Thunder Helix - Announcement Trailer - YouTube


One more gameplay video before I get back to work :slight_smile:


I sure do remember. F***, what?1988? …Oh, just how old I am :older_adult: :wink:

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Hi All,

New update video.

Features added:

  • refactor whole thing to use javelin ECS. Major thing which I might do a separate topic on. Enabled easy adding features and many other things. Complete mindset change.
  • added sounds
  • added bot plane, just following path for now (yuka)
  • moving skybox with camera
  • shooting (gun blast sprite, gun hit smoke sprite animation, smoke particle for enemy burning). I have problem with sprites playing animations so gun hit not doing the job right. For smoke i need to come up with something better but lighter on performance.
  • lastly I modified the follow camera so yaw and pitch are followed directly but not roll. Otherwise aiming is impossible.

I hope you enjoy. Since I added ECS I am tempted to try enable networking. Before that I might setup a server for a single player for people to play and leave some feedback.


Hi All,

any ideas how to blur the horizon line a bit. Tried fog but it messed up the sky. I want a bit of a haze just on and above the line. Ideally something not very performance hungry.

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Well, I’m sometimes still using this very old and very simple trick of offseting another mesh from the skybox with a simple alpha gradient on it. It’s old, it’s basic, it’s design oriented (vs code) but you know what, it eventually still does the job (and then on the side of performance, it’s hard to compete with).


thanks @mawa , that should work fine and wont be heavy so will give it a try. Hopefully next video will be with blurred horizon!

Well, in truth, it was more for the ‘haze’ than the blur effect. The easiest for the blur would be that you already blur the horizon straight in your skybox texture.

Hi all,
New video showing some new features/improvements!

-it has an official name now “JS-wings” :slight_smile:

  • added GUI (more like placeholder)
  • improved on ocean
  • its on the server now. Will test first with few eager people and will be available to play soon!

I guess a retractable gear would be nice. Any plans for this?
And then, I would happily give it a try and give feedback.
Oh, and for the name, what about Bjs-Wings? :grin:

Ohh there is so many things that would be nice to add :slight_smile: Everything I touch turns from one hour job to a weekend topic I could write a blog about. As much as I love it I have super limited time for hobbies.
I have a list, it would be nice to make it interactive so people can add and vote. Missiles and bombs are low hanging fruits.

Thanks for volunteering, you are on the list! As soon as I add player crashing and re-spawning you will hear from me.

I thought about bjs-wings but js-wings sounds better says my marketing department :slight_smile:

I can hear you. I believe we all can :grin: :sweat_smile:

It was essentially a joke. However, being also a close to marketing person, more seriously, B-Wings would sound better in my opinion. In truth, players don’t really care about the tech. Only devs do.

it does sound good. I will consider it. We should really add voting to the forum.

Here’s a ‘vote’ for you :+1: :laughing:

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Cool, it actually loads on my LG TV in the browser. A bit slow, possibly because high resolution?
I wonder is it possible to handle the tv remote inputs from some API in the browser. Would be super cool to use it as a controller using its gyro.

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The large resolution probably has definitely killed it fps on any integrated arm system like a TV. Also I don’t know what the built-in web browser is like and how often it’s been updated.

For controller inputs. I would check to see if the Gyro in the remote uses the universal gamepad API. There is a JavaScript gamepad API which you could just try to debug into and see if anything happens when the remotes on (make it print to screen on button inputs or something)

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