ArcRotateCamera alpha rotation inverted in certain beta range

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I am using ArcRotateCamera to be able to view a mesh in any direction. And I expect the user may rotate the mesh in beta arc a lot so I set huge values to camera.lowerBetaLimit and camera.upperBetaLimit.

When I rotate the camera to certain beta range (ex. -pi/2 ~ -3*pi/2, and so on), the rotation in alpha arc is inverted. When I drag left, mesh rotates right. How can I fix this issue?

In PG1, by setting the betaLimit to null, this behavior is resolved. However, I cannot set nor delete betaLimit attributes to null because I’m using typescript.
PG2 is my current setting/repro.

How may I update PG2 to get same behavior as PG1?

PG1 :
PG2 :

try to “(camera as any).betaLimit = null”

This PR will allow you to set null for upper/lowerBetaLimit even in Typescript:

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