Update beta value of ArcRotateCamera dynamically using Declarative format

I want to update beta value of ArcRotateCamera dynamically using Declarative format. But not getting updated. Alpha is getting updated, but not beta.

target={new Vector3(vehicleStyle.targetx, vehicleStyle.targety, vehicleStyle.targetz)}

cc @RaananW who started answering here: Alpha/beta not respected on ArcRotateCamera - #12 by RaananW

@RaananW I am not able to update beta parameter in declarative way by taking reference of above example. Can you please help me with this?

My answer stays the same - i have no idea what syntax this is, or the entire context of this question. If you want to ask if setting camera.beta works, i guaranty you that it does. It doesn’t in YOUR context, so you will have to provide information about your context if you hope for any help.