ArcRotateCamera and setTarget with TransformNode

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Again a short question about camera functionality… I recently cleaned up my complex character that I imported, so the root is actually a TransformNode. I tried to set the main camera (ArcRotateCamera) to target this, with camera.setTarget(transformNode), but got the same error as in this playground (added line 81):

Am I doing something naughty? :sweat_smile:

As you can see in the doc, the param need to be AbstractMesh or Vector3, so you may change it like camera.setTarget(transformNode.position).


You can also set the target to the center of the transformnode.

const bb = transformnode.getHierarchyBoundingVectors()
camera.setTarget(bb.max.add(bb.min).divide(new Vector3(2, 2, 2)))