ArcRotateCamera custom zoom (in and out)

Hi all, am new to babylon.js and want to zoom in and out on event click (custom buttons) within the camera object i have tried changing a few fields but have not had any luck.

My question is how can i manually zoom in and out on a object. High level answer would be good then I can look into it as I learn more. As I may need to understand more than I expected

Thanks Jason

Welcome aboard!

If you use a arc rotate camera, you can use the radius property to move to or away from the target of the camera. If using another type of camera, you can use the position property to move the camera and so make your objects appear bigger or smaller.

You can also use the fov property, but it may produce some distortion, depending on the values you use.


Thank you will give that a try :slight_smile:

hey you can use
for disable all arcrotate zoom event and manage that by your self

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thanks i’ll keep that in mind, changing the radius has worked for me so far