Are there some babylon roadmap for beginner?

I am beginner in babylonjs and I want some babylon roadmap to guide my apprenticeship.

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Welcome, @Jordan_Willian, and Congrats on taking your first steps on your Babylon.js journey! :+1:

Where precisely to start depends I think on where you’re coming from and what your prior experience is with web, JavaScript, and/or 3D programming. If you are a complete beginner to all of these then I would recommend starting with the BJS docs sites’ Your journey Starts Here tutorial section.

Once you’ve gotten through that or if you’re already comfortable with the concepts in that section, the Guided learning part contains links and tutorials that can help you with your next steps. Full disclosure: my book is one of those resources listed there :sunglasses::grin:

If there’s something unique or specific to your experience that these resources miss, or if there’s something you’d like to see that isn’t covered, please let us know!