Learning for a beginner - what should I start with? (a lot of questions)

Hi! I am a high school student looking to learn about 3D graphics. My only coding experience is a Java class that I am almost finished taking, although I am fairly proficient at the language and am good with programming logic and theory. I also have a tiny bit of JavaScript experience. So - down to my questions:

  1. Where is a good place to learn JavaScript quickly, so that I can move onto learning babylon? (So far I have been using PluralSight)
  2. Where is the best place to learn babylon? From the documentation site? I found this book, is it worth buying even though it is for V2.5?
  3. If I am looking to eventually make a simplistic web game, is this the right library to learn? Should I use something different? (Like three.js)

I know this might not be the right place, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start. Any guidance would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum!

You have quite a task ahead of you, as there is far more to learn than javascript. It’s essential that you understand the DOM, as well as how to manage DOM objects using JQuery. Master these, and you’re good to go.

The best resource I have found is to use the tutorials at https://www.w3schools.com/ which are free and thorough.

I would also read through as many posts on the old forum first Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum to build a foundation using the 5 years of questions which will provide you with a road map of the development of the babylon.js framework. Be sure to view every playground scene on the old forum, as this will answer most of your questions.

Then post what questions you might have on this forum when necessary. Good Luck! :grinning:


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For me the best place to start is with a definite project in mind. Not I want to build a multiplayer first person shooter with an infinite terrain and earn a variety of equipment type of project but just how do I view a box in 3D, what cameras can I use to do it, how do I light my scene. The docs site https://doc.babylonjs.com/ can be a great place to start. Just begin to build up you Javascript skills for building with 3D and add in the DOM and JQuery if and when needed later.

Looking at playgrounds is a must there are plenty in the docs. Start with this one and see how much you understand, then have a look at the template o to see how to First Steps - Babylon.js Documentation how to write incorporate it into your own pages.

As backward compatibility is the watchword of BabylonJS the book ‘Learning babylon.JS’ is a great place to start even if it is V2.5.

As well as wwwschools I would recommend JavaScript | MDN

Anyway try not to get overwhelmed, start small, build slow and get confident.

All the best for your learning.

I think Babylon is a great choice.
I’m with John, have a project in mind to tackle bit by bit.
A good reference book for js es6 would be super handy (es6 wont be leaving us any time soon), along with prefacing your google programming questions with “js”, the knowledge is out there. Once you are comfortable with js, the bjs docs (and other libraries) will open up to you and be your greatest reference. Understanding data types and objects/classes, pointers etc. from C has also helped me often.
One thing I must recommend is to get familiar with the maths (of 2d, 3d, geometry, physics, etc). A solid command of the maths will get you so far and never let you down, this can’t be overstated.
Best luck!

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Re: math btw if anyone can do better than Wabbitemu ti83+ on android I dont wanna hear about it.

I’ll date myself. I first learned to program a simple counting function on the TI-55 in 1977. I saved up $100 mowing lawns and was so excited to buy one.

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I think Babylon is a great place to start :slight_smile: . I always tell people to just start playing around with the playground https://playground.babylonjs.com/ by making small modifications and see what happens. There’s a large number of samples on the right hand of the page so by reading and copy/pasting from those you might be able to get a small project going. Its definitely easier to learn with friends so see if anyone around you might be interested. The babylon docs can help Babylon.js Documentation , and searching for concepts you know in java for javascript online should get you going quickly. If you ever get really stuck, this forum is pretty friendly to people learning.

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As @JohnK says above:

For me the best place to start is with a definite project in mind.

start small, build slow and get confident

@21jpow That was basically how I started 5 years ago. It took me two months of thrashing about to come up with something that I’m still proud of. There used to be a game building contest on the old forum - and I tried that once too. Competing against some of the best coders around here.

Now I’m no great scripter, I learnt programming concepts back in the 1970s by doing a Fortan course, and my Javascript skills are not very good, but I learn from people here.

Only other thought, if you are not a 3D modeler, maybe team up with a friend who is? It will help.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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The best way to learn how to code is to code.
The best way to learn how to code 3D in Javascript is to code 3D in Javascript.

The best place to learn how to code 3D in Javascript is the duet : Playground / Forum.

Code, Show, Ask, Fix.

This is damn efficient and fast.