Arkanoid / Breakout clone


I’m learning Babylon.js for about two weeks to be able to help my students for the coming soon “Games on web” competition.

Here is my “old school test game” : bARKANOID

Click on start button to play, use keyboard arrows to play.
You can cheat by typîng “N” for next level or “P” for Pause

I’m planning to add bonuses and other things in the next days.

Any comments are welcome.

I forgot to add credits to the assets :


I love the ambiance of the beginning! And Breakout never stops being a classic :smile:

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w0000t I was clearly not expected this when I loaded it :slight_smile: Great job on this !!!

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Smooth! Almost perfect!

I just don’t agree with infinite lives :sweat_smile:

The entrance is awesome! Also the game. :smiley: :smiley:
Is the code in some repository?

The code is available on github : Breakout clone repo

Not the most beautiful code i wrote but the main principles are here.


The intro scene looks fantastic! As you can see, companies like Atari and Capcom have been developing game bundles for modern consoles, featuring 3D scenarios of arcade machine rooms for their classic titles. Your game shares similarities with this trend

Freaking cool :100:

Hi and thanks for all your replies.

I have added some cool modifications :

  • Bonuses ( Slow down, Grow and Bonus life)
  • Many improvments
  • Some bug fixes
  • Ingame credits
  • A monitor near the game field
  • A suprise on the monitor

May be i can now teach some interesting things to my students, may be i will add a crt shader on the monitor…but holydays are over so maybe…

The git repo is updated with last additions

Bye !



I think i’m having fun too much :slight_smile:
Lastest additions :

  • Multiball bonus
  • Laser gun bonus
  • Falling bricks
  • Exploding bricks
  • Particles everywhere
  • Better “physics” on walls collisions
  • bugs fixes
  • code cleanup

Blue pill : Paddle growing
Yellow pill : Multiballs
Green pill : Slow down balls
Red pill : Laser gun (press space, maintain to auto fire)

Take a look : bArkanoid and have fun


@Olivier_Arguimbau I only get 17fps. :pleading_face: Any chance for some performance improvements? It is not too bad because I got surprisingly far. But it is like hard mode where you have to anticipate the lag.

Oh wait, it is open source… Is Entity.update called each frame? Then caching this vector might get an fps boost?


Well I didn’t really optimize anything… thanks for the motivation and the info. I maybe add deltatime speed updates. As I said it was a coding challenge for learning reasons.

I’ll correct this asap, I’m already on another retro game remake.

Bye , thanks again !

Love the scene/menu/game interaction. The game moved much too fast for me to be able to catch the ball consistently at 144 fps. But, super cool!

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I’ll add fps adaptation through engine.getDeltaTime() as soon as I finish exams correction…

144 fps :slight_smile:

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Furthermore, we barely got to see the final score after the game ended.

Other than that, the latest changes are very good.