Arques-La-Bataille (Time-Loop)

Hi BJS community! It’s been a while I’ve posted something here (but I still have the habit to take a look regularly :wink: ).

Now that’s this scene became public, I can show you this 3D scan of the castle of Arques-La-Bataille. We can switch (using this button button ) from present to past (15th century).

Castle of Arques-La-Bataille

It’s part of our Time-Loop mobile application.


This is beautiful !!!

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I forgot to mention that at this time we’ve used BJS v4.

Incredible! It’s such a cool idea to show how it would have looked like in the past :star_struck:

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Amazing and Beautiful Job!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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THIS IS AWESOME!! @PirateJC can you add that wonderful demo on our page?

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This is so cool, I wonder if you could do some sort of effect when the scene changes.

Maybe something like this

Which I found here

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This dissolve effect could be nice!

Thanks for your congrats :slight_smile:

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That looks beautiful :smiley: Very nicely done. :heart_eyes:Very good texturing. Congrats,

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@Vinc3r ! Love it! I added it to the community page!

Live here: