I call it Multimerkaba and it is my first BabylonJS model

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I love it! Especially how the colors shift when you look at different angles :heart_eyes: Did you develop the model by hand?

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Well done on your perseverance and working through from very little 3D knowledge to a beautiful model.

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I have programmed in JavaScript a tool to construct only regular polygons.
It looks like the converter I wrote is working!

I am not able to visit this forum anymore. Could it be that I changed some setting?

I send this message by replying the email

Maybe there was a problem with the forum earlier today?

pinging @Deltakosh

Nothing that Iā€™m aware of and @Aldeboarn77 seems to have no issues flag on the admin side

Had a reply from forum lead moderator. No known issues with the forum or your access to it.

Here are the screenshots from my smartphone and pc. Ik tried it multiple Times from smartphone and pc.

Maybe you can reset or even delete my account so I can join again?

This is not a forum issue but more a network issue. Where are you located? Maybe there is some network problems between your location and the forum servers

Try to open it through some VPN, probably it is related to the network settings.

Yes, I know :frowning: - this is the old post: Playground and babylonjs.com - access from some IP addresses is blocked

Consensus is it is a network problem, possibly a government block on IP, suggestions reset router, use VPN

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No problems anymore.
I am back!
Thanks for all the support!