Assetless Retro Remake

For my own sanity I had to take a break from work for a couple hours yesterday and today to whip up something more artistic.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy…

Anyways here is another fully asset-less retro remake of a youtube clip.

The chainlink is a SDF, the trees are distorted L systems and are even blowing in the wind.

Its all made to be a re-creation of this:

So shout out to the original artist.

I need to still apply some more post effects to get the look right where I want it to be, but for the most part the main components are here. The colors just need tweeking and a few size changes.

All in all umm about 3ish hours.

I dont know why the glow does not look the same in the embedded playground

Welp, I Just wanna go fast…

Here is another one I stayed up late and got this one in between work and rest.

based off of

I have a couple more of these I nee to upload, but ehh time is so limited.


This is so cool. I love the synth wave effects retro music. I found this gold mine of synth wave Gifs a while back.
@Pryme8, I hope this will give you more inspiration:

This is my version of synth sunset. I wanted to build an Infinite runner but ended up building this:



I remember seeing that scene you did, and not gonna lie I think that is what helped kick off my whole retro scene kick lots of respect!

Did you model that car?

Thanks for the inspiration! I might end up picking a couple out of here and redoing them.
TILED - 2015

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Thanks. Like you I was inspired from visualdon who make cool synthwave animation loops in cinema 4D: Contact - VISUALDON

I decide to recreate his cosmic dreams scene of VisualDon in THREE.js

I learned about creating reflective surface using CubeCameraTexture & Mirror Shaders of THREE.js . I had no knowledge of BABYLON js at that time.

But when I learned about BABYLON js and tried a couple of playground I realize it is much easier to do it with BABYLON then THREE.js. I eventually building up that Retro Sunset scene with BABYLON. After that I abandoned THREE js & now I have permanently switched to BABYLON js.

I have stored the code for creating reflective surface & my learning in this THREE js scene:

BABYLON is a really powerful and developer friendly framework.

The Quaddro car model was taken from SketchFab

Soundcloud track was from

I have added both in Credits.

Have not done one of these in a while so here we go!

based off this blender tutorial

Did things a little bit different, but the idea is the same.


Mind blown :flushed::flushed:

Man I love it!!! happy new year my friend!

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Totally forgot about this one.

Way back when I was working at my old job as a dentist office admin. I had lots of downtime, so I would make BJS things. I saw that someone had mentioned Tsuro in a VR thread and it reminded me of this project!

Well its another Assetless Remake technically so it should go here.

If you have never played Tsuro before then the rules are simple. First place the tokens for the players on the edge points of the board. Second when its your turn pick a tile (you can rotate them with the arrow keys when hovering them), your player token will follow the path that is placed before them. Dont let them run into another token or go off the edge of the board are the rules.

Can play up to eight people I wanna say it might be six. This one was fun cause it was honestly the start of my kick of doing everything procedurally and making assetless games.


Sry, might just be another topic, but I was wondering if you could explain a little about this piece of code you are using in your PG:

setTimeout(()=>{scene.getEngine().enterFullscreen(false) }, 1000)

It will eventually generate this error:

Question is: How much is this actually useable across browsers/configs. It looks like I cannot really rely on this. What is the best way today to force/handle full-screen mode for widest support?

That was a hacky way back in the day to do something like this:

The better method would be for sure to use the full.html playground.


Thank you. I sort of guessed it would be something like that (a hacky way back solution;)
Thanks for your input and have a great sunday,

Finally did this one:


I had not done anything fun in a while so I pumped this out in about a hour jam session.


looks coool :slight_smile:

WOAH! Trippy :open_mouth: :heart:

is it possible to make this scene n babylon ?

I believe that yes, it is possible, but results may vary from the picture provided :slight_smile:

I agree
It’s something that needs to come back

Yeah this could be done, it would just be a process of compositing some photos and a bjs scene for the grid stuff, but honestly this would be better suited for a render out of a cad program.

If you wanted it to be dynamic completely it would take some work.