Assetless Retro Remake

It’s not super refined, but it’s cool for only a few hours of work and I’m sure there are some effects in there some people might be interested in. There are no assets in this, it’s all programmatic.

Based off of a clip from this video:


Looks really cool!

with a little help from @Evgeni_Popov
I was able to develop this a little further.

Im sure its pretty laggy on some systems though so be aware when clicking.


Stabilized it a little bit and started cranking up the lense effects.

BTW Im pretty sure the original design was a Beeple piece.

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So I did a couple more of these.

Here is the latest one.

Again all assetless so it might take a min to spin up.

If you hit play again it should drop into fullscreen
It was based off of this youtube video:

was about 4-5 hours of dev for this one spread out over the last couple of weeks while I had some downtime with work and the baby. This is one of the first ones where I developed the visual pipeline before I started developing the assets and I think it work out well. The stars, the junk and the planet should all be slightly different each reaload.


I love them!! We should add the planet example to our homepage (@PirateJC ?)

Oh so cool!!! Yup indeed! @Pryme8 you good with me adding this to the homepage?

@PirateJC Sure thing, Im honored you would ask!

Wait till yall see the next one I am doing. I completely gutted the emissive process and made my own that really ramps up a retro effect.

Let me add the link to the original art in the code really quick!

Please use this version:

And it’s live!

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Commodore 64, Atari, Gameboy etc filtering effects.

Just change the slider.

did this a hot min ago, just forgot to post it.

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