AssetManager - AssetContainerTask

Is there any kind of asset manager task for asset containers ???

I am currently loading my assets into a scene at runtime using:

const container = await BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainerAsync("scenes/", "MyPrefab.gltf", this.scene);

So i can use the AssetContainer to instantiate prefabs at runtime and not actually load the scene meshes into the scene like the MeshAssetTask when using AssetManager to load multiple tasks at once.

I would like to use AssetManager to load multiple asset containers that would work like the MeshAssetTask does…


The asset container task is used to load a model externally (a .babylon, .obj, .gltf and so on)

Constructor signature:

constructor(name: string, meshesNames: any, rootUrl: string, sceneFilename: string)

Extra properties:

public loadedContainers: Array<AssetContainer>;

or something like that

Something like this
I don’t know who made it, I just found it few days ago :wink:

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What the heck… Who made this playground ? Why did you not make this a PR into the babylon.js framework ???

Open to PR:)

Created PR#8624 :slight_smile:


Thanks @Deltakosh