Asus Republic Of Gamers Strix GTX1080Ti 11GB

EDIT: I’ve decided to build an arcade cabinet using this card so it’s not for sale anymore :sunglasses:


If someone is struggling to get a GPU upgrade for a good price and don’t want to spend a fortune on a new RTX30x0 I am willing to sell my retired beauty at a good price for a member of the community:

Msg me if interested.


If I had a big one :rofl:

Do you like drones? I bought two drones until now. The first one was a cheap one from China. It lasted for 15 minutes :smiley: The second one was a 250 Eur Parrot drone. It lasted for two days.

Now I am using the Parrot’s remote as a light switch in my gaming room. I hooked it to a Pi Zero and using MQTT I am sending messages to the lights control HW in my house. Nerdy! :nerd_face:

:handshake: buddy!

Yeah! 2.099 EUR :joy::joy: might become the most expensive light switch ever! I wouldn’t take the risk. However these ones are very well stabilized.


Have a look -

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Awesome :muscle:

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Where do you live? GPUs are pretty expensive everywhere now. :disappointed: I was lucky to grab an RTX3080Ti last summer for a higher price tag as it was released but comparing to the today’s price it was for free :smiley: I was waiting for 8 months after I preordered it… I play on a Playstation only so I can’t feel the difference between the GTX1080Ti and the RTX3080Ti on my PC. Everything runs the same :smiley: FPS is capped by the refresh rate of my monitor with both cards at 144 FPS.

But you can use all the omniverse apps now :wink:

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This is my Omniverse :smiley:



Ok, seriously, this is amazing! The technology is evolving at a jaw dropping speed! I believe we will see many scifi based technologies even in our lives! I love it!

Marketing bullshit aside, there are some good programs. At its core, its just a virtual file system that lets you use multiple programs on the same assets without exporting. So like edit in blender and unreal or whatever share the same file.

They also have a blender type app called create

This app, blender fork, and the voice to character speech animation are the best ones


Thanks! Coding on a high end HW has it drawbacks as well. Everything runs smoothly on my PC but after deploying it and testing my first professional BabylonJS based project I was shocked! The client couldn’t manage to get the promised HW for the kiosks and bought cheaper ones with low end GPUs. The app ran at 20 FPS! I test my code on the integrated GPU since then. I think coding on a low end PC makes the coders including you much more better because of the tricks, hacks and optimizations the coder must come up with. We waste resources many times… Anyway I saw your homepage. Dude you’re damned talented! I love your style! It’s so clean, everything is in place, candy for my eyes!


I am definitely going to try this out! I always liked the thin client idea.

Sometimes I feel bad when I am thinking about how much electricity draws this beast (1200W PSU was needed for the whole setup) and I am just typing nearly the whole day. We have to save the planet and save resources wherever it’s possible. Centralized GPUs like the Omniverse solution is an idea I like a lot!

I think the World will go trough an unbelievable mass flourishing thanks to the technological evolution that humanity never ever experienced before.

I dont even have that part installed actually, lol

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Jeremy, I like this one! :rofl:

@jeremy-coleman And there was another one! Can you recall the Pew Pew stuff? :joy: No way dude! Made my day back then! Lol

@carolhmj got shrekt. ggez

I had to read it now again. It’s a luck because I couldn’t recall where did you post that cool video about the movement stuff and I’ve just found it. Bookmarked! Thanks!

Edit: I don’t want to look like an asshole, but we need jokes and fun here as well. However I think after I’ve sympathized with your comment shrek will visit my bedroom tonight :joy:

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