RTX 4000 is coming


About 10 months ago, I dreamed that I could buy a discounted RTX 3080 now :joy:


Yes, actually f@ck Nvidia for that! A lot of people are still waiting to grab an RTX 30x0 and they are proud to announce another product which we can only dream of for a few years :joy::joy::joy: same story…


With the current chip shortage they will probably manufacture 10 of them.


You mean they will sell plebs like us 10 of them. Do a google search for amd and nvidia revenue. They are selling products, just not to us… :cry:


NVIDIA… Meant to be played… :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

So, On the topic of the GPU shortage. The US House and Senate are getting ready to pass a bill where Scalping for high demand goods will be made illegal. So there is some hope.


In the US. that’s a whooping 3.5% of the world population :wink:
Let’s see if it’ll pass, but I doubt that’s going to help me in any way.


Me and my 1060:

I hope this one can be more material-efficient at least to they at least produce a bit more according to demand :pensive:

A new computer is like ~same price as just the gpu. cyberpowerpc has really good deals sometimes. I got a desktop 5950x for like 1200, and before that a 1700 with a vega 56 for ~1k whenever vega was released some years ago. I saw a i9 with a 3090 for 2k earlier this year, shoulda just bought it lol. They must get a fixed supply at under retail msrp and probably some contract limitation on markup. Btw, Newegg has 6900xt for 1550 right now, Thats pretty good i think. I really wish there was some ~$100 option just a little better than integrated. Really, Amd integrated graphics is almost fine. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G // Test in 17 Games - YouTube

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