Attached to bone question

I researched old forum about bones and u fixed it with attachToBone function but
i tried in this pg and how make so stick collide with @dude and and attached to hand not wrist?

To attach by hand :

sphere.attachToBone(skeleton.bones[35], dude);

var index= skeleton.getIndexByName(“hand”);
sphere.attachToBone(skeleton.bones[index], dude);

For collision you can add a physical impostor that will detect collisions, or retrieve a collisions with intersectMesh () or mesh.onCollide ()…

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thanks dad72 i tried it works flawless my physics imposter knowledge is still
some wat behind only succeeded makin a flag move in the wind…
but all physics impostor spheres were still positioned at center of the screen
so my code is not perfect
and if u just want to play around with meshes or objects where is the easiest ways to get samples…
or do all advanced persons here make all their objects themselves>?