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Going the Distance with BabylonJS

Have you ever been reading through the BJS docs and gotten stuck in the space between “Diving Deeper” section of material and how some technique or feature works in The Real World? Me too. So much so, in fact, that I, for reasons still poorly understood by all including myself, decided to write an entire book that would pave in and smooth over the quantized and discrete “Diving Deeper” content with a unified picture of an application.

For the past year and a half or so, I’ve been working on this, and I’ve really been excited to share with the BJS community. There’s just so much work that needs/is still needed to be done, and it’s never going to live up to my impossible standards, and that’s just one reason why it’s a good time to get this out into the open! Some folks are already aware of at least some of the machinations and rumblings going down with this project, and others may merely have suspected. Today however it’s finally time to bring everything out into the open with a good old fashioned :tada: Book Announcement! :tada:

Unlike many other books that are going to be published in the upcoming months, this one isn’t about things that happened months or years ago. It doesn’t contain first-hand depictions of momentous historic events that had never previously been shared and doesn’t contain any “scoops” on things that should’ve been made public long before. Something this book shares with those “other” sure-to-be-best-sellers is that it is definitely a book that everyone should be told about!

Going the Distance with BabylonJS is available now for pre-order at amazon

Through 14 chapters in three separate sections, the book will take readers on an end-to-end journey of building an entire application - a video game - from start to finish. Starting with a BJS refresher and ramp-up and continuing on from how to set up WebPack to handling input, managing state, writing shaders, and packaging into a Progressive Web App (among other topics). Although the Amazon listing currently lists a publication date in October, I can assure folks that it will most certainly be done before that time - I’m expecting a July or August Ed: ah, what sweet naïveté. Now looking at September for pub date at the latest date for its’ availability.

As a special treat - and I will not under any circumstances divulge what I had to do in order to make this happen - Going the Distance will contain special featurettes written by members and contributors of the BabylonJS community! @ericloftis will be writing about his real-time ray tracing journey, while build expert and overall ubermensch @ranaanweber is contributing material about contributing to BJS and building using the new build system in v5.0. Who else might be adding Words of Wisdom? You’ll have to stick around and pay attention to this space to find out!

Space-Truckers: The Video Game! is currently in a sort of final preview stage in preparation for this weeks’ hush hush thing hush hush. The game itself is Open-Sourced with the repository being available here with the intention of serving as a BabylonJS reference/full stack testing architecture - in addition to hopefully giving a smidge of enjoyable experiences.

That’s where you all come in! There are a whole swathe of GitHub issues in the Space-Truckers repository that are both awaiting creation and/or awaiting someone to come along and fix/build them. If you’ve been wanting to contribute to the BJS v5.0 launch event here’s your opportunity!



As one of the folks who was aware of it, it has been wonderful following your journey and seeing it finally be shared with the community at large! There has been so much care and love put into this book, it will be an amazing addition to the (physical or digital) shelves of any Babylon or 3D programming fan. And can I say: the cover looks FANTASTIC! I’m loving how so many big Babylon things have been space themed lately, and you even started the book/Space Truckers before all the Babylon 5.0 stuff! :rofl:


This is awesome !!! you rock !!!


I couldn’t ask for nicer things to be said, but for the sake of discussion please do continue! :grin:

It sure does, thanks to the generous and talented @Deltakosh who created it and who has also allowed me to shamelessly exploit to make me look good :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Hate to contradict you here buddy, but YOU folks in the community are the ones who rock!! :sunglasses:

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I will order a dozen!

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I cannot pre-order :frowning:

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SOOOO pumped about this!

I know how much love, passion, and energy you’ve poured into this and I think the community is going to absolutely LOVE it!


That’s not optimal by any measure… please DM me any relevant details if it’s something I can assist or raise with the publisher!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure you qualify for a complimentary copy :wink:

UPDATE 8-May: Printed copies are now available to pre-order!

So other people know as well, currently as of today (3-may) it isn’t yet possible to pre-order paperback copies, only kindle - sorry! I’ll be sure to update here when that option becomes available.

Apparently, publishers like to know useless little trivial details like “how many pages are in your book” in order to nail down printing costs and the like, but I’m finding out more. :flushed::cowboy_hat_face:


Awesome!!! So glad to see this post :slight_smile:

Amazing. :star_struck: What a huge amount of work it must have been to go through all that.
I will definetely want to see what this is. From what we can see just now, I already like the cover, looks really neat and appealing :heart_eyes:

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And I’m glad to see you posting in this post! :wave:

Worth mentioning here is that @RaananW has been incredibly generous with his time since practically the beginning. He’s helped out with code and technical reviews, but any errors, omissions, or downright lies are all attributable to me - I’m too selfish at heart to share everything! :laughing::grin:

Thanks @mawa - It has definitely been quite an odyssey to get to this point in the journey, for sure, but I’m more excited than ever to seed this out into the wonderful BJS community to see what incredible fruits might grow :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Congrats @jelster. Great accomplishment. Will order a copy.


:pray: :pray: :pray:

I know the emoji is technically “pray” but ofc this is a “thank you”!

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Fun fact about Going the Distance - although the book is being published by Packt Publishing, they are more of a silent partner for all the editing, publishing, distribution, etc. support needed to put a book out into the world. Babylon.js (the project) will be the micro-press “publisher” of the book as part of Packt’s OSS contribution approach/strategy.

I’m obviously not going to get into any further details of any arrangements at this time and venue, but the long and the short of it is this: Going the Distance is a book for the Babylon.js community, and in many ways both direct and indirect, by the community!


A couple of quick updates on the book and a moderately important announcement. I’ll update the OP with the info as well

  1. Printed copies of the book are now available to Pre-Order! :partying_face:

  2. For a brief moment last week, this book was at #2 in application development and #8 in game programming! :sunglasses: Of course, that has now settled to a more believable #62 as of today, but I’m hoping that with printed copies available for pre-order we can stay strong and march up the charts!

This is important because it affects the weighting that Amazon does when deciding whether to show the book in search/organic browsing for users, and thusly the number of people who will have the chance to learn about (and maybe even purchase!) the book.

Thank you so much everyone who has supported this grand scheme - things are just getting started!


Yes! This is good!

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@jelster : Congratulations on the Kindle and now the book. The day you announced it I sat back at my desk and looked at the books on my book shelves - PHP, Javascript, VRML, Delphi. Only ever once bought a “Kindle Book” - by Temechon from the old forum. But the Kindle device died :frowning_face:

I sat as a member of our local public library board for 12 years, and there were always arguments about whether electronic versions of books would replace actual books. I’ve always liked the feel of a book in my hands of an evening :smiley:

When I see people like @Deltakosh pre-ordering, I do have a question, “Is it a book for a non-coder like me as I don’t wish to be adding a book on Relativity to my book shelves?”

Anyway, good luck with it :slight_smile:

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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It is a book for EVERYONE to add to their shelves! :heart: