🔖 Available now to pre-order - new book on how-to BabylonJS! 🔖

Hey @gryff, thanks for the kind words and the thoughts.
in short, What @carolhmj said - this is a book aimed at everyone! :nerd_face::sunglasses:

Slightly longer:
The content is segmented such that much of what folks as yourself might find intimidating has been tucked away into so-called “Extended Topics”, although there are a couple of equations in the sections on lighting and on the gravity physics simulations that might get your eyebrows to smoke a bit :exploding_head::melting_face:

P.S. - I feel the same when I look at my library of technical books and think about all the ones I’ve learned from over the years! I do like the feel of printed better, but man it’s tough to beat the convenience of digital… no more duffel bags stuffed with library books to bring on vacations :laughing:


@jelster : It’s not the equations that bother me - I’ve dealt with magnetic resonance equations, even written a program from equations that predict the erosion of cliffs by the sea (a long time ago in Fortran with “punched cards” :smiley:).

My eyebrows “get singed” as BJS develops More and more functionality - some days I look at a forum topic and I’m not even sure I understand the question that is being asked! It is why “backwards compatibility” is so important to me.

Stay Safe jelstar, gryff :slight_smile:


I feel you on the whole exercise of keeping up with the latest being exhausting - it’s the gripping hand of the joy and trauma that come in working in our biz! :sunglasses::+1:

I stand corrected from my earlier statement even as the statement itself stands true - this book is for you! It’s not intended to be a comprehensive ‘what’s new in v5’ but it does go into some of the new tooling, like the GUI Editor.

That has been one of the tougher decisions I’ve had to make over the course of this - which features in BJS to cover in the book and to what extent. Only so much room, and given my original page budget was 250-300, the current estimated page count of 406 or so goes beyond that by quite a bit!

Dude @jelster, this is really awesome to see it available and ready to pre-order! I am absolutely getting a copy.

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Already out of stock! :smirk:



Lovely, thank you both! You got me there for a moment with the out of stock lol - it will show that way until the official availability date is known :face_with_monocle::grin::memo::memo:


Just pre-ordered one. Let’s see how my son does with it. :slight_smile: