Babylon and react-bootstrap together

good day,
I wanted to create a playground with react-bootstrap, but is it possible? how can we add to a playground an external library?

in any case my question is that I am experimenting with css framework react-bootstrap + babylon, and the thing is that when babylon is active and I add for example a navbar with react-bootstrap, the look of it seems to be impacted by babylon.js (because when I remove babylon.js the navbar looks all good)

is there any advice about combining babylon.js with css frameworks like react-bootstrap?

my objective is to create modals with react-bootstrap, buttons can be created easily with the GUI of babylon but I didnt yet find a good solution for scrollable floating modals like the ones bootstrap provides

thank you very much :slight_smile:

The playground is probably not the best place for this, you should simply create your own app if you intend to use such framework even more cause it heavily relies on offline command line to build your app.

@sebavan I don’t understand what you mean, I am already working on a Babylon.js+React.js app and they work together wonderfully and perfectly, it is super easy to mix both of them. I am only referring in this message to the css frameworks specifically to the css; its ok I will just do straight css probably or similar, thank you

This is what I refered to, mixing react-bootstrap in the playground might be hard.

About css, with modern once, it is all great so far. Before creating a modal was tedious :slight_smile:

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