Questions about babylonjs and react-babylonjs

I think creating 3D projects with react-babylonjs on the app is much better and smoother than using webivew !!!

But I don’t know if react-babylonjs and babalonjs are maintained by the same team,all APIs of babylonjs are in react-babylonjs, and if their versions will be maintained :joy:

react-babylonjs is created and maintained by @brianzinn

I don’t know if all the BJS API is supported by react-babylonjs, if not the case I think you can use the combination of the two library

Are you sure you mean react-babylonjs and not eg. Babylon Native / Babylon React Native? You’re talking about “app” and “webview” which are mobile platforms, and not the web (react-babylonjs).

react-babylonjs is just a React renderer, so can support native:

@MeshSlayer is correct. @babylonjs is a peer dependency, so you can use the version you prefer and any combination of the two.

On the other hand, there is not a lockstep update, so when something new is added to babylon.js then it would need to be added and also there is not a 100% API support. API support is listed here:…/docs/

Also, the renderer is extendable. ie: by default only @babylonjs/core and @babylonjs/gui modules are supported, but you can extend the renderer with your own modules. ie: @babylonjs/materials (or anything) can be added:

Plus there are various escape hatches for imperative code.