Babylon as game server - questions

Hello everyone,

I’m building a multiplayer game that can host 60+ players.
I’m using Godot Engine for the frontend and I’m planning to use Babylonjs for the backend/physics engine.

Here are some questions:

  • I’m designing the levels in Blender. Is there a way to autoimport blender collision in Babylonjs?

  • How to individually add collision boxes/shapes to my model or world?

  • Help me understand NullEngine. NullEngine is pretty much the babylonjs engine without the gui/webgl right? Meaning, that I can have a NavMesh and I can have an object move tru’ a NavMesh and get the data or position of that object in the console (or anywhere where I’m logging the data).

Thank you

Hello and welcome! I can only speak about the NullEngine:

It’s basically BabylonJS in “headless” mode. That is to say, it does everything Babylon does internally except for the actual “rendering” part. As far as I understand, it’s intended for server-side rendering.

See also: Running Babylon.js on a server

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