Help me with node.js, NullEngine etc

I want to make a ordinary view of models without additional functions where the server will take most of the load.
I watched:
Render a Scene and take a screenshot on a remote server - Babylon.js Documentation - I don’t need pictures
Server Side - Babylon.js Documentation - it doesn’t work for me, I don’t know why
GitHub - creationspirit/multiplayer-browser-game-boilerplate: Starter project for a realtime multiplayer 3D game in a browser environment - too difficult, ts and too much extra
Please give a link to the archive with working examples or something else.

like renderfarm.js – three.js photorealistic rendering service

NullEngine cannot do rendering but should be able to do everything else. What is not working for you with that feature?

I can’t get it to run.
What about everything else? Can it reduce the weight of uploaded files?

well it is very complicated to help as I don’t fully understand what you are expecting :slight_smile:

What is the error?

I ran into a few problems.
Can you just send me files with a working example?

Well no this is actually the opposite :slight_smile: You have to repro for us to help: