BABYLON.CubicEase() regression


I have been using BABYLON.CubicEase() for a year to create smooth ArcRotateCamera animations from one point of the scene to another. During one of the latest code update (likely 6.32.1), my “spinTo” camera function ceased working.

In the playground, I can partially reproduce the issue:

Several issues here:

  • Animations for target and radius never complete
  • Alpha and Beta aren’t completed with the proper values (see console)

Is there anything I am doing wrong? Again, this code had been working like a charm up to now.


Yep, does seem like a regression. It doesn’t seem like an easing issue but an issue with the start/end values. I simplified the PG - Ease don’t work as expected | Babylon.js Playground (

Small note - the reason radius and target didn’t work was that there was no speed defined. But still, something is off. we will look into it!

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Thanks for looking into this.
My bad for Target and Radius. Thanks for fixing this.

For the time being - setting to constant animation loop instead of relative will fix the issue. We are checking if it is a regression or the old behavior was incorrect :slight_smile:

Ease don’t work as expected | Babylon.js Playground (


Oh, and with easing - Ease don’t work as expected | Babylon.js Playground (

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This is a breaking change, as relative mode didn’t work correctly before. In your case, switching to constant would solve the issue.


Many thanks! You made my day.