Babylon doesn't recognize skeleton.getAnimationRange(), but the animation loading and working

This question is similar to another, yet different. I have a small test model with a 3 bone animation exported from Blender in glb. The model loads and animates. But I can’t get the animation range in code. It says it’s null when I type the name. When I try skeleton.getAnimationRanges(), it’s says it’s length zero. I’m just working off the animation blend demo but changed the name to my model. I read the export script in Blender in the manual and it says to name it in the NLA manager in one strip, which I did.
Also, there is no code in there to begin animation. It just loads it from SceneLoader.ImportMesh() and is automatically animating.
Another thing, I just followed the tutorial for the little note something, but it says the version is alpha 3 of 4.22 or 4.12 or something, but it’s alpha3. Actually, I downloaded the code from the playground, now that I think about it.

I loaded the gltf version, rather than the glb, and it says there is a parsing error on line1 column1. Not well formed. I scrolled down and it shows the name of the animation in the json file. Any help would be appreciated because I can’t really do anything if I can’t load an animated file and control it. I’m using Firefox with Wamp server. I guess I could try the babylon export but I would rather use gltf or glb.

I did try the babylon export from blender and it shows the skeleton animation in it so it must have something to do with babylon not reading the gltf and glb file because the model is the same, I just exported the same blender project with the babylon export.

GetAnimationRange will not work with glb and gltf. The format does not use animation ranges (this is something that Babylon format uses)

Gltf files are using animation groups:

You can see them using the inspector by running

Thanks a lot. I’ll check that out.

In case someone else reads this, there is a playground for loading animationgroups here: