Babylon Editor hot reloading for script

maybe a dumb question here but my understanding is that Babylon Editor implement hot reloading for script changes
On the typescript console it says “starting incremental compilation” when I change a script and save it but, in order to see the changes, I need to rebuild the project (which take time). Is this the correct behavior or am I missing something?
Moreover if a make a script change and a push the Play button the change is not taken unless a Build the project.
Thank You

Adding @julien-moreau the mastermind of the editor

Hey @easysoft2k15
You are right, building the project takes too much time and you can watch the project instead.

To watch the project, read the section « Rotating the cube using the attached script « here Editor/ at release/4.0.0 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

It’ll show you how you can watch the project. Take care, the watch process can take time before is becomes reactive :slight_smile:

Watching the project allows to rebuild the dist folder each time the code changes

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Hi @julien-moreau,
thank You for Your quick replay.
I’ll take a look at the document You are referring to soon as I can.