Babylon GUI alpha of container overriding alpha of children controls


Not sure if this is actually a bug, but when I make a container in Babylon GUI and make it transparent, anything added to that gets the same alpha value even if I set it to be fully opaque. Strangely, the children can have different alpha values if I make them lower than the parent, just not vice versa. The use case is that I wan transparency in the background but fully opaque text. I can make a PG if you need proof or an example, but it’s a pretty straight forward thing. Is this some kind of technical limitation or is there a way to do this already? If not then is this something that should be fixed/changed?



The alpha value is inherited as you mentioned. In your case (like in CSS or XAML) you can create a container, add a rect in the container and make that rect transparent with the color you want.


Not bug. I think.
Two displays. Choose according to your demand.
Just like : Closing one of the multiple screens. Or turning off the computer, all screens closed. :slight_smile:


Thank again Deltakosh. I wasn’t aware the rectangles can be used that way as just a background.


Actually, I don’t think this works with stack panels. I can’t add the background rect to the stack panel without it pushing everything else down, and any other container seems to need a defined height and width (hence I am using stack panels). Is there something I am missing?


Nevermind, I discovered the adaptive sizing section in the documentation. Thanks.


Glad it worked


The adaptive sizing didn’t work out for me… it seems to have some issues and was taking up the entire width or height of the window. I ultimately decided to calculate the proper width and height and just set it explicitly though, so I won’t have to use it. I may have been doing something wrong, but this is probably better anyway.