Babylon-GUI consultation

Hello guys, i have a question about babylon-gui
How to make Babylon GUI act in this way and make it interactive with the mesh, to be like with full opacity if it’s at the face that I am looking at /near to and to be translucent if it’s at the backside (image1) or if it Interwoven with mesh (image2)

Hey, you have to project it onto a real mesh (like plane) and not use it as a fullscreen one

hey @Deltakosh , thanks for ur reply
if u mean to do something like this, the GUI element won’t be visible behind the mesh
like this example

Oh sorry I thought the mesh in the middle was meant to be transparent so you can see through it

I’m not sure we can do it easily if the mesh in not transparent.

What you could do is manually pick the position (in 3d) of your tags and see if you get something. If this is the case this is likely that your tags are “behind” and thus should be drawn with the opacity down

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thanks @Deltakosh
but I didn’t fully get your idea , can you clarify it more please

Basically, you could use picking from the camera to the center of the tag position to see if it is behind something.

If yes, you could manually adapt the style.

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@sebavan @Deltakosh
many thanks, that works for me

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