Babylon.js and VRM example broken

Hello, I’m very interested in getting VRM models working in Babylon, and was happy to find there is a tutorial section in the documentation on it:

However, the examples in the playground do not work, and I get this error in console:

logger.ts:103 BJS - [14:48:31]: Unable to load from e.getScene is not a function

just wanted to flag this and was hoping maybe there is an easy solution!

Welcome aboard!

It seems to be a problem with the vrm loader, I don’t know if the author still reads the forum…

The project is available on Github, though, so anyone can try to look for the problem:


I upgraded it based on babylon-vrm-loader and sent the package as babylonjs-vrm-loader.
Now he has endorsed babylon.js 6.x.

This is the repo address: