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Hi Everyone,

There is a lot of really cool work here, it’s really inspiring to see all the great projects and demos.

I have been working on upgrading my personal website to include a WebGL option. My inspiration for this is all the awesome work Bruno Simon has doing and teaching.

Please feel free to offer any feedback or advice to improve the experience!

Have a good day!
David E.


Very nice. I can feel the love :two_hearts: :joy:. Lot’s of care about details. Definetely my type of making. Luv it. :heart_eyes:

Sidenote: I think this ‘bioshock’ picture catches a bit too much of the env or light (or both). Depending on the cam angle, it eventually turns just plain white. SS below.

Edit: Since I don’t want to play just the useless cheerleader :grin:… I’ll let you have my other ‘useless designer’ comments :rofl:
May be for the hover you should go with a color that’s more in-line with your color palette. What about an ‘aqua’ color for the hover? (rushed SS below)

Same actually, with regards to ‘#consistency’ for all your pop-up (html/css). I would use a more ‘studio’ color palette. Remove plain white, use the color palette that’s in your scene. Very rushed SS below. Sry for the poor quality of this extremely rushed psd but I hope you get the overall idea (= keep with your color palette; = keep with consistency/immersion)

And then, of course, my opinion only :smiley:
Again, love your portfolio and… have a great day :sunglasses:

Good morning Mawa!
Thank you for checking out my site and providing helpful feedback.
I agree with you on all the adjustments, I’ve finished implementing the revisions and it’s looking much better. Updating the teal and green hover to the aqua blue wall color was such an “Of Course!” moment, lol. Thanks again for taking time look it over!

Thank you kindly,
Dave E.

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Glad I could once again make some shit comments while completely disregarding the work required behind it :joy: That’s what I do best :laughing: :rofl:
Now it’s time for me to return to my own design issues… the ones nobody will fix for me :grin:
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Hoping for level 2 :smiley:

The only thing I was thinking while exploring the scene was: “Ohh, why doesn’t the lava lamp do its lava thingy?”

No wait, one other thought. Depending on the person viewing your website, there might be a risk that might not find all important documents in due time. Or worse someone not figuring out that stuff can be clicked on. To mitigate that risk, one counter measure might be to run a timeout after x seconds of unsuccessful mouse hovering, then visually ping important areas or display a help message or so.

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Yes, …but then I thought it was just a smart way to make a natural selection and avoid having all the dumb clients asking for some impossible requirement, or worse, coming with their sh**t ideas as a ‘must have’ :sweat_smile:. Better not work with these people anyway :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: Just to make this clear. This is a joke, right :grin: The comment is relevant (in my opinion). As for the way to fix it I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your style (and your target). Eventually,’ the target’ is the kind of target that does not want to spend time interacting with a scene :office_worker: :woman_office_worker:. In which case, you could also add just a small menu button which unfolds with direct links to the topics (or something similar).

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well done @mawa regardless of how any developer feels about it personally , its always best practice to offer the best UX possible. Ive seen this pattern on many similar interactive experiences , the countless scoll for content websites that have fancy animations , the best ones always have an additional traditional navigation on offer for users that want to take that route etc.

Well not even just for UX, in case it matters to your application , if you want to also take SEO and indexing into account, crawlers cant sniff links from your 3d scene, they need to find traditional html navigation.

anyone else notice a pip boy on the bottom shelf? hehe

Currently, my “home” page gives the user the option to view the basic website or the 3D site. But for version 2.0 of the 3D site, I will put some ideas together for a more solid UI and see what works well.

Option for standard or 3D site:

This is the project that inspired me to try a 3D office website:


I love this room of yours !!! Much better than the inspiration project :slight_smile:

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