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Good morning,
I am trying to load some babylon files on a Babylon native application, but there seems to be a problem with textures. Here is what I see on the Babylon Sanbox and on the web.

As for the first model, this is what I load on Native (Android) through experience.js

The second model does not load (the emulator’s screen remains black) and the following error is printed on the console

Is this because some textures still aren’t support on Babylon Native?
I am trying to transfer a scene I already have on the web to Babylon Native. It is a virtual exhibition where users can move through the scene by clicking on the position on the floor where they want to move. If I understood correctly, user input still isn’t fully supported on Babylon Native: moving around a scene by clicking on the spot where you want to position yourself thus would not be possible on Babylon Native at the moment, right?
Thank you very much!

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For both models, can you provide a repro that works in the playground but doesn’t work in Babylon Native?

Probably, but it might be an easy fix. If you can provide a repro, we can investigate.

It’s not supported via the built-in input from Babylon.js, but you can implement your own if you want. @PolygonalSun will be working on the built-in input support soon.

The first one looks like it’s inside out. The textures are loading just fine.

The second one is a logic bug in nativeEngine.ts.

Can you file two separate bugs on GitHub for these? Thanks!

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Absolutely. Besides the inside-out issue, on my screen textures are kinda off in the first model as well.

Model 1 native:

Model 1 playground:

Model 2 native:

Model 2 playground:

I see the columns of bricks on both sides of the wall (while in the playground you can only see the bricks on one side). Also, while on the playground bricks are reddish, they are all black in the emulator. Thanks, filing the bugs on GitHub now!

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For the first model, I think it’s dark because it’s inside-out. I checked the texture loading and it seems to be okay. Anyways, we will investigate once the issues are filed.

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Thank you!