Babylon scene inside email

In theory it should be possible to have a babylon app inside an email’s body. However, after spending sometime experimenting, I still have not figured out how to have a basic scene inside email. Does anyone have an example or pointers for inserting babylon scene into an email’s body?
thank you

The problem is that you could use iframe but most of the mail client will remove iframes :frowning:

yes, unfortunately that is the case. Therefore, I stayed away from iframes.
I was thinking that I can insert any html code inside the body of email. However, I have problems with including babylon js file in the header

yeah and I can tell you that client will try to avoid that as well so unfortunately this seems like a dead end :frowning:

All (vast majority) email clients/providers block javascript completely, so i think this will remain a dream.
It has too much potential for abuse.

It would be cool though