Babylon Toolkit: Unity Eco System Tools

I wanted to show another Unity Eco System Tool that i used to make LARGE CITY LEVELS

Its called the the Fantastic City Generator

Check this demo out with the Babylon Toolkit… Fully physics enabled… I can t wait to try this with WebGPU.

Warning… None of the City Generator C# Game Scripts are actually used… The scene content (meshes, materials and metadata) is exported to GLTF 2.0 and the Babylon Toolkit Scene Manager does all the rest.



This is insane !!! I love it ping @PirateJC

When are you building GTA :wink:

Did you tweet about it? It deserves a retweet from us!!

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@MackeyK24 this is another fantastic creation! Love it!

OK to add to our website?

Im ok with adding any Babylon Toolkit stuff to website :slight_smile:

And @Deltakosh… I dont really do twitter, but if that is where everybody is… I will start trying to tweet :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to try this out. I need fantastic cities for my virtual world!

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Yo @ozRocker … Hey Marcus… Just remember to use the Babylon Toolkit Combine Mesh Tool to bake out combined meshes first… Then make a prefab of the of the city and in the prefab REMOVE ALL MESH FILTERS AND MESH RENDERERS … That will leave just the colliders in their exact position… then just use the single mesh (or multiple meshes if you baked them that way) … The colliders should wrap perfectly.

That was a MEDIUM world in the demo above… Fantastic City Generator has LARGE and VERY LARGE settings as well. Have not tried them yet.

I can wait for WebGPU… so Babylon can handle meshes (including all the meshes used for collision) :slight_smile:

Since you get the C# source for the generator… I try and make an add on to auto-magic 3rd party building meshes and props from KitBash 3D.

Can you imagine replacing the basic content (Which looks by itself) with kit bash kits… OMG

These would be sick in the auto city generator

And this one

And i would love to see this one in babylon render

When they had a 50% off sale, I purchased in Unity Format for Built-In PBR Pipeline, the following kits:

Gonna play with those (When I get the time)


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I’ve never used Fantastic City Generator before but I was hoping you could get different packs, so it looks like you can! I’d want some ghetto/ruined cities in there and ones from Asia and Middle East

@MackeyK24 - Sorry for the delay…this has been added to the community page! Should be live in a few minutes.

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