[babylonjs] Container with borders, how to remove?

I have a root element of type GUI.Container, and when I move it to a position it shows a border.
Why the GUI.Container has a border? And how I remove it?

@cpusam Without a PG I’m only guessing, but are you sure it’s not the child GUI element (i.e. the one responsible for displaying the “x 00”) that has the border? For instance, it could be a button set to 100% width and height of parent container.

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Well, I don’t know how to check if the child that has the border, but what you are sayng make sense.
In my code I do something like this:
1-create a container
2-add the text “x 00” to the container
3-move the container to pos (100,100) (it’s a TextBlock)
4-so, I think is the container has borders.

It’s probably best to create a playground example.

As far as I am aware neither Container nor TextBlock have any borders.

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Wow man, I now know why it has borders, it’s because I was creating a GUI.Rectangle hahaha
Sorry for the error and thanks for help me to recreate the code, I was blinded to my own code until I needed to rewrite it.
Thank you!

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