BabylonJS links

Are there “official” links of BabylonJS and its different versions?

I’m currently using these:



Number 1 have this error(I assume it returns the latest version?):

And number 4 has some problems too but I’m kinda working on it. I need a stable version for my project and I don’t know which one to use.

Hi. The latest stable ‘official’ version is 4.2 and you can find it here
More info about cdn you find here

The latest version 5.0.0 alphaX you can find it here
This is very stable as well.
It is recomanded to not mix them like load the core from cdn and the loaders from preview
Cheers! :wink:


but if you do not want to use a canvas, or context why not using NullEngine ?

I do want to use canvas. It was the other guy othat didn’t want to.

So you wont have the error and use preview :slight_smile:

But I need to render the scene in the browser. I’m getting this issue:


I have nothing in the scene and this is the code

const CANVAS = document.getElementById('canvas');
const ENGINE = new BABYLON.Engine(CANVAS);
var SCENE = new BABYLON.Scene(ENGINE);


Does someone knows what is going on?

This would mean there are no webgl context so something strange is definitely going on i wonder if your getElementById returns smthg ?

I’m still getting the problem:

Cannot read property 'trackUbosInFrame' of undefined.

The weird thing is that it works in one project and it doesn’t work in another. I just can’t see the problem. The problem appears only when I try to create a scene.

Is there a link preview of BabylonJS 4.2?

UPDATE: I think I figured it out. The problem was that my script was trying to create an engine before the canvas required was loaded. So I edited it so that the script loads after all the document elements has been finished loading or created.

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