BabylonJS source map files missing


it seems that publicly available BabylonJS code misses source map files in some cases:

  1. BabylonJS NPM packages have sourceMappingURL defined in their .js bundle files, but no source map files are actually published within the packages (e.g. Inspector has //# defined, but there’s no file in the published package).
  2. There seem to be no source maps available at (warnings like Could not load content for can be seen in browser dev tools, in case JS source maps are enabled there).

My question is, was it intentional (and thus missing source maps warnings should be ignored) or otherwise should source map files be also deployed/published?

Thank you.

Let’s answer one after the other. starting with the last! :slight_smile:

This file exists, so I am not sure why this is happening. Source maps do work on the playground, which is using the preview cdn.

To the first issue - there seems to be an issue with the inspector’s packaging which I have to test again. I was sure this was already resolved. I am on it, will get back to you on this one, probably after releasing a new patch

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Oh my, it really does, sorry ._. The reason I got the warnings was because of the connection issues (i.e. just reloading the page helped :person_facepalming:)


Hi, just checking in, are you still seeing the first issue? @alvov

Hi, sorry, I forgot about this topic this - the issue seems to have been resolved quite some time ago.

Thank you @RaananW @carolhmj !