Babylonjs TestTools docs/info?

We’re getting into the rabbit hole of automated testing finally and I figured why not just used the stuff you all have set up already and extend off of that.

looks like ur using.

Im just curious what each of these does and where in the build pipeline they are used. Even just a brief writeup may be helpful.

Im a little new to testing but it looks like its using a combination of selenium and jest image diff (to evaluate against a ground truth image )

I also know there was some usage of playwright in the past but I dont know if thats actively being used anymore? @RaananW

Just trying to put all the pieces together at this point…


We are using playwright a well. For now experimental only, but you can see the implementation here - Babylon.js/packages/tools/tests/test/playwright/visualizationPlaywright.utils.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

The repo you shared (the webpack-es6 one) also has an implementation of a simple playwright tester. It all depends on your use case and what you want to test. also What platforms you want to test on.

Small note - Selenium is only used for integration tests to test on Safari.

thanks for the note. This is useful. Well testing is a super broad topic but for starters we want to test for visual regressions as we upgrade to new versions of our API. Essentially diff against a ground truth image and report if a threshold was exceeded. I like Playwright, as it seems to make multi-platform testing much easier.

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