Automatic testing


I would like to know if you have some solutions for Automatic testing on a babylon.js project ?

Today, we have classic web sites, with unit tests and web UI test using Selenium. And all non regressions tests are automated.

I am interested to replace a part of the application using 3D, and I would like to know if you have already some alternative for automatic testing for the UI part. (I know I can keep unit tests without UI…)

Thanks for advance

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we are using that script for babylonjs build: Babylon.js/validation.js at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

It is triggered by our CI build every time someone push a PR

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Et bonjour,

Thanks you for your answer. The work your did on this project is really amazing !!! Bravo !!!
If I understood well the script, the heart of the validation is screen capture comparison ?

Do you have an idea to simulate :

  • Camera move
  • Click on clickable objects


Hi @sybaris,

Regarding unit tests you can write them using NullEngine from babylonjs using any unit test framework you like.
Same goes with auto tests.

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We have method to simulate pointers :

We actually use this pg during our validations.

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Hi everybody,

Thanks for your answer, and also thanks for you responsiveness. All your answers are very interesting.
I kept them in mind, and as soon as I will start my test Framework, I will try to integrate them…