BabylonReactNative in new react native project that's not the playground


I’ve done some testing in the React Native playground app, and am now trying to get BabylonReactNative to work in a fresh new React Native project to understand how much set-up I have to do.
I ran into this issue first: Can't build app on android · Issue #212 · BabylonJS/BabylonReactNative · GitHub
But could solve that thanks to the solution/workaround provided by that person.
Right now I’m getting:

error: Error: Unable to resolve module ./buffer from /Users/PathToBabylon/BabylonProject/node_modules/@babylonjs/core/Meshes/index.js:
None of these files exist:
* node_modules/@babylonjs/core/Meshes/buffer(.native|.android.js|.native.js|.js|.android.json|.native.json|.json|.android.ts|.native.ts|.ts|.android.tsx|.native.tsx|.tsx)
* node_modules/@babylonjs/core/Meshes/buffer/index(.native|.android.js|.native.js|.js|.android.json|.native.json|.json|.android.ts|.native.ts|.ts|.android.tsx|.native.tsx|.tsx)
> 1 | export * from “./abstractMesh”;
2 | export * from “./Compression/index”;
3 | export * from “./csg”;
4 | export * from “./geometry”;

Could it be that there’s a buffer folder missing in @babylonjs/core?

I couldn’t really find any directions on how to import babylon in a project from scratch, so I’ve just npm installed @babylon/react-native, @babylon/core and @babylon/loaders into my project

This is how they’re defined in the package.json:

"@babylonjs/core": "^5.0.0-alpha.22",
"@babylonjs/loaders": "^4.2.0",
"@babylonjs/react-native": "^0.4.0-alpha.17",

Am I forgetting to add something? Or is this a bug?

Adding @ryantrem

I would try two things, in this order:

  1. Make sure your @babylonjs/core and @babylonjs/loaders have matching versions (e.g. npm install @babylonjs/loaders@5.0.0-alpha.22).
  2. Clear your npm cache via npm start -- --reset-cache (the extra -- is intentional).

@HedwigAR It moved from 4.2->5.0. I had the same issue recently:
Solved: NPM linking error - Questions - Babylon.js (

The only other one that moved that I had found was FluentMaterial :slight_smile: HTH


Thanks both! That was it, I didn’t know the two package versions were connected. I got it all up and running :smiley: