Babylon's GitHub org permission structure updated

Hello dear people,

Some of you might have gotten emails from GitHub concerning leaving or joining dev teams in the Babylon.js GitHub Org and I wanted to explain the reasoning behind that.

The reason for those emails is a major cleanup we have done in the organization. From experience of other Open-Source repositories had, and because of some security concerns we had in the team we have decided to limit to a minimum the amount of people with direct write access to the repositories. We also now limit the write access to all of our master branches and will be a little more active in reviewing PRs across the repository.

We do apologize if it changes the way you worked with the repo so far, and are open to improvements if you think one of the changes is incorrect!

If you are no longer a part of a team in the org but need to have rights on the repo, please contact me privately and I will review the request.

Thanks a lot everyone! have a great weekend :slight_smile: