Repository cleanup (rebase and force push)

Hello everyone!

Next Thursday (December 8th) I will push a cleaned-up repository to our main repo ( BabylonJS/Babylon.js: Babylon.js is a powerful, beautiful, simple, and open game and rendering engine packed into a friendly JavaScript framework. (

This is required since our repository is already very large and contains a lot of unneeded large files in its history. It is meant as a way to reduce the repository’s size, run garbage collection and it will help when cloning the repository locally and in the CI.

The commit history itself will not be changed, but the master’s HEAD will be force-pushed (and thus changed). Which means that everyone who uses the main repo will have to clone the repository again or run a series of git commands to be sure you have the latest head.

This is just a heads up, so there will be no surprises when it actually happens. Open PRs will probably have a lot of conflicts, so if you submitted any pull request, please either close it or make sure it is merged/closed until Thursday.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


This work was just done.

please EVERYONE (*everyone using the repository :wink: ) re-clone the repository to be sure you don’t push any old history back to the main repo. And please re-fork as well, if you have a personal fork.

Thanks a lot!

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