Backface Culling in Babylon GLB-Export for 3DMax?

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I’ve been wondering if there’s an option to de/activate backface culling for materials/geometry in the GLB exporter? I know blender exports it but somehow in Max i dont see the option anywhere in the babylon settings.

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I’ve found out that the backface culling will automatically be applied to all Arnold and PhyiscalMaterials. However setting the “2-sided” option on a max standard material works!

Opening the exported .GLB files in a text editor i found the “doubleSided”:true but adding this to an exported physcial / arnold material will create errors when try to read the .glb.

Any ideas on how to add the “2-sided” flag to Max Physical Materials or Arnold Surface Material?

pinging @Drigax

Currently we don’t support setting 2 sided from either program, but we really should have supported this a while ago. I’m going to pow wow with @PatrickRyan to see if we can support this ASAP.

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Just to clarify, i’m not looking for a way to apply two different materials to either side of a polysurface. I’d already be happy if i was able to set the backface culling option on/off for any material. I see that it works for max standard materials so it should work in physical and arnold as well.

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I see! thanks for the clarification. Yes, currently physical and arnold materials don’t expose a way to toggle backface culling, while we can just read the toggle from the standard material shader.

Unfortunately, that limits us in that we now have to add some extension (like a custom property) to 3dsMax to support this feature.

While we could have a property set on a mesh that tells the babylon exporter to set double sided on all materials that this mesh uses, its a bit of an ugly solution, and I’d hate to add a feature that I want to remove later on and break people on the process

The current proposal that I like is to add a shader node to the slate editor that allows us to send per-material settings to the exporter. The only limitation is that this will take some investigation to implement properly.

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