Babylon Export for Unity + double sided materials

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Is there a trick to enable double-sided materials in Unity and preserve them during the export with Babylon Export?

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Adding @MackeyK24 the unity exporter daddy

What you mean double sided… Backface culling ???

If you mean backface culling support, You could use one the the Babylon shaders. These are simply the Unity Standard And Specular shaders but with some Extra Babylon Render Options you can specify in Unity. One of them is Backface Culling

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I didn’t know about the Babylon shaders! Game changer!
Thank you Mackey

@MackeyK24 I notice that the babylon shader parameters don’t reflect in the unity editor, but only when I build and preview (unless it’s a bug on my side?).
Do you have a workflow to suggest? Because I see a lot of very cool parameters, but without visual feedback, it’s tricky.
Thanks !

Those are extra runtime parameters that only apply to babylon.js rendering.

FYI… What i like to do is use the Babylon JS inspector to TWEAK the material properties in the browser. Then use those values on the material in unity

gotcha. Thanks !