Background color to GUI 3D panel controls

I’m looking for a way to create a background color to 3D panel in the GUI.

Is there a way?

What panel are you referring to? Want to show us what you tried so far so we can have some context?

Regular panel, let’s say the one in the Babylon’s examples:

I want to add to the CylinderPanel some background color or any sort of material

I assume you mean the background for the entire panel and not for the button, right? The panel is just a structure that organizes your data, it is not a mesh that can have a material.
we don’t support changing the panel’s background, mainly because it is just a transform node.

Any Ideas how it can be done for the entire panel?
Maybe something similar to adding rectangle control in 2D GUI but I couldn’t find a similar control for the 3D.

You will need to create a mesh in the same manner and set its background. Our panels roughly follow the MRTK specs (for example - Object collection - MRTK 2 | Microsoft Docs), and this is why we don’t add a mesh in the background. Generating the mesh should be straightforward, especially since you have the way the positions of the buttons are calculated

Thanks @RaananW

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