Backward's movement in VR mode is disabled, but I have no idea why

Sorry that I can’t give an example for that.

In VR mode, I can’t use backward teleport movement. I didn’t set false to the property “backwardsMovementEnabled”. What else reasons can it be?

an example would be amazing. Three reasons for it not to work - you disabled the flag (which you didn’t), you disabled the teleportation feature (which i doubt?) or a bug. But I will need to see it not working to help…

Other teleportation features are just fine. Which confused me is that I found none of “backwardsMovementEnabled” in whole project.
The only settings for “teleportation” are just adding floor meshs and blocker meshes

can you reproduce this on the playground? share your code?


Finally I figured out the reason:
For preventing some problems (for example, the user’s height can be low or even lower than the ground sometimes when they enter XR view), I had to re-adjust the camera’s height by setting y of its position after every teleportations.
Adjusting camera’s height caused it lost the relation with ground. That’s why I can’t teleport backward.

Then my problem can be: How to keep it able to use backward movement after I manually changed XR camera’s height?

By the way, why functions added to “onBeforeCameraTeleport” doesn’t execute when using backward movements? How to add functions for it?

this function triggers before the forward teleportation is triggered, because sometimes you would want to make changes to the path or the landing zone. We can add another observable onBeforeBackwardsMovement or something similar

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Great. Please add observable like “onRotate” as well. :wink: