WebXR - Problem with Backwards Movement

Hi @RaananW,

I can’t understand why the Backwards Movement doesn’t work outside the playground.

It works well here:

but outside in my app it doesn’t work, zip file provides application with all files.

Otherwise, I also saw a little mistake at this address: WebXR Selected Features - Babylon.js Documentation
for “Rotation in place” it’s teleportation.rotationAngle and not teleportation.backwardsMovementEnabled, except error on my part.


Thank you again in advance for helping me to understand what is going on

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Thanks! Doc was fixed.

I will look at the package later and see what’s up. I noticed that the package is 62 MB - the playground is a few bytes long, any reason for that?


Ok, issue found - [XT] Teleportation-Backwards movement not working correctly · Issue #8854 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub , working on a fix :slight_smile: