beginDirectAnimation reach end

Hi all, I am first time learning animation. I create two new BABYLON.Animation, [movein,rotate], and their keyframe is until 8 * frameRate.

scene.beginDirectAnimation(camera, [movein,rotate], 0* frameRate, 1 * frameRate, false);

After I call the above function, I want the animation only works for the first frameRate. After the first frameRate, all animation reaches the end frameRate. It confuses me.

@sebavan - any idea why the animation jumps to the last frame like that?

It seems you need to start the animation in loop mode (5th parameter of beginDirectAnimation) if you don’t want to jump to the latest frame at the end:

I don’t know if it’s expected or not…

That does feel like an issue with from/to implementation. it is expected to stop at to