Best practice to interpolate (blend?) two different character animation made with Mixamo

Hi all, I’m a newbie. I’ve read a ton of suggestions to smooth animations transitions but I’m very confused.
I’ve seen that there are two ways to work with animations: exporting gltf files or exporting babylon files (with blender plugin). I’ve noted that the provided example of how to smooth character anomations is better with skeletons in babylon extension export method… the example provided for the group animations are less smooth… but the group animation blending in gltf extension is a newer (and recomended) method?
MY GOAL: create some character animations with mixamo and blender and make the transition from one to another the smoothest as possible. Play idle-walk transition, walk-run transition, walk-waving transion and so on… What are the best practices?
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I have made a small character controller with animation group blending here: AssetScattering/src/ts/utils/character.ts at master · BarthPaleologue/AssetScattering · GitHub

Demo here: Asset Scattering

Basically an AnimationGroup has a setWeightForAllAnimatables function that you can use to manage weights. You can have some kind of target animation (or a state machine if you want a more scalable system), any animation group that is not the target animation will have its weight go down to 0 over time while the target one will converge to 1.

Also, this doc page may help:


Thank you all! I’ll try your suggestions!