BLEND animations

Hello Everyone!
I am trying to blend animations of one single charcter but not really understanding how that goes.
I would like to change them width a function using a blend between this actions.

I tried to upload the code in a sandbox. but couldn’t load the glb width the rigged charecter. for the purpose of showing you my assets i uploaded them in this folder.
you can get the glb from here

in this html I added a some behavours to but i am just putting play and stop to the different animations.

var idle = scene.getAnimationGroupByName(“pausa”);
var running =scene.getAnimationGroupByName(“corriendo”);
idle.loopAnimation=true; ();
for example… and that works but is just play stop.
I tried to acces the bones like in this example
but didn’t work for me. .I don’t know if I am doing something wrong when I export from Blender.

We’ll I hope someone can give me a hand on this.

I am currently creating INTERACTIVEs NFTs using babylon…
thy look something like this.

thanks in advanced

@Cedric might be able to help!

I think it’s because of different formats

Once animations come from the same source, you can check this doc page on animation blending

Thanks a lot from Your quick advice!!

So I asume I have to use a example.babylon file.
Wich is the proper way to create that?

I tried to install this addOn for Blender

But doesn’t show up in blender, after importing the .zip file.

My second aproach was to send the GLB to the sandbox. and there’s an option that says “EXPORT TO BABYLON” . That actually if I imported back to the sandbox, shows the content but doesn’t work inside my babylon project.

In my process I starte folowing this video to mix the animations

Sorry if I am confussing, but didn’t find much tutorias about this issues. Of sending animations to babylon

Don’t worry, asking questions and trying things out is the best way to learn :slight_smile:
Have you checked out this tutorial here? Mixamo to Blender to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation (

@Laureano hi, just checking in if you were able to get your animations working or if you want some more help? :smiley: