Best way to calculate the percentage of an object shown in a camera frame?

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Just wondering, what is the best way to calculate how much percentage of an object shown in a camera frame?

For example:
(Images below are from Maya viewport)

If an object fills up the entire camera frame from top to bottom, I hope there could be a “visibility factor (vertical)” to indicate the showing status. In the image above, the sphere is showing 100% vertically and also occupied the exact full camera frame top down. So this factor could consider as 1 in vertical direction.

And if the camera zoom further, the factor could be a value greater than 1, such as ~2.1 in the image below:

And if the camera zoom all the way into the object, it could be a factor between 0 and 1:

If zoom to as close as one vertex, the factor could be a very small positive float number almost equals to 0.

Of course, this whole idea could use bounding box points instead of actual vertex from the mesh to reduce the calculation load.

I figured out a way to detect if an object in completely inside of camera frustum (or a region of camera frustum) or not:

(PS: This PG derived from this great topic:`)

I feel like I kind of started getting this idea working but not as accurate as I was expecting.

Does anyone have a better idea?
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I think it’s the right way to do it, to compute the part of the bounding box which is inside the screen. Maybe it would be a little easier by doing the computation in 2D, though, by projecting the bbox to the screen.

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Thanks for the response!

Does babylon has a way to compute the pixel the bbox projecting to the screen?
Can you provide more details about it?

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Oh I think I found it. Is it vector3.Project?

Yes ! :slight_smile:

I knew soon I will have to do this (3D projection to 2D local) so here we are :

  • 3D Local (mesh) :arrow_right: 3D Global (world)
  • 3D Global :arrow_right: 2D Canvas (project)
  • 2D Canvas :arrow_right: Bounding Box (min/max)

Have fun ! :slight_smile:




Wow that’s exactly what I am looking for!!

Thank you so much!!

This is an awesome trick. Bookmarked! I love this community, lot of cool techniques out there always learn something new!

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