Best way to interchange models?

Hello fellow Babylonians! I’ve had something on the back burner for a bit and was wondering what the communities approach would be, maybe I’m missing something simple here.

Let’s say, I have a model in whatever format (Babylon, 3ds, etc). I know I can use ImportMesh among other methods which will return a new Mesh for that file. What I hope to be able to do however (with the least overhead) is create an empty Mesh instance myself and afterwards attach a model and be able to swap it out for different models as I wish without having to create a whole new Mesh instance. Hope that’s clear! What would the best way to go about this be? Thanks!

The easiest could be to simply rely on setEnabled to enable/disable your instantiated mesh on demand.

Also you could group all the different meshes you want to be able to swap in a TransformNode to simplify their manipulation all at once.